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ParallelPoint Consult is a client-centered Corporate Sustainability Consulting firm in Lagos, Nigeria. We provide advisory and training to corporate organizations to develop custom-made sustainability strategies, as well as strengthen their existing sustainability strategies to reposition them to contend with their global peers.

At ParallelPoint, we understand that sustainability must be recognised and prioritised by any organisation in order for its processes to be considered sustainable. Also, we strongly believe that long term commitment to sustainability as an organisation can only be achieved when it is driven by the leadership of the organisation.

Why Sustainability?

“Development that meets the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” – The Brundtland Commission


The importance of maintaining access to basic needs such as healthcare, education, equal opportunities for growth and development, all without compromising the quality of life cannot be overemphasized. Investing in the well being of people eliminates barriers that hinder their productivity, which in turn guarantees their personal success and the success of the business.


Successful businesses are one of the main ingredients that a nation requires to ensure the economic prosperity of its people. The collective improvement of the well-being of everyone, regardless of race, gender, background and class through economic strategies takes many forms, and as such should be long-term and wide-reaching.


Even as we work towards long-term economic prosperity, the means through which this prosperity is achieved is important. The environment provides us with the natural resources and raw materials that bring about economic prosperity and this makes its protection and conservation important.

Simultaneously putting these three into consideration shows that sustainability benefits businesses in various ways:

  • Ensures that the global economy operates within the carrying capacity of the planet. This means that the supply of essential resources such as water, fertile soil, metals and minerals is sustained.
  • Improves access to investment capital through an enhanced reputation.
  • Fosters accountable and well-governed institutions which reduces the cost and risk of doing business.
  • Promotes gender equality and women empowerment which creates a more robust workforce and boosts productivity.
  • Helps businesses build resilience to requirements and fines imposed by future legislation.
  • Improves trust among stakeholders and reduces legal, reputational, as well as other risks.
  • Grows consumer markets globally by its nature of inclusivity, which helps to lift the global population out of poverty.
  • Strengthens education which fosters more skilled and engaged employees.
  • Reduces operational costs through the adoption of climate-friendly energy and waste management options, as well as the elimination of fines as a result of non-compliance.
  • Promotes employee engagement and instills a sense of purpose among employees.



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    We provide advisory and training to corporate organizations to strengthen their existing sustainability strategies as well as reposition them to contend with their global peers.

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