Green Project Management (GPM)

GPM is a body of standards that embeds sustainability in all the stages of project management, right from conception of the project idea to monitoring and reporting. GPM is the bridge between projects and sustainability. It provides a clearly defined pathway to measure projects for sustainability across the triple bottom line of people, profit, and planet while delivering projects to time, scope, and budget.


Its importance

Sustainable project management is a rapidly growing discipline. With changing expectations of consumers and investors and the emergence of the millennial generations, organizations are actively incorporating socially responsible and environmentally friendly practices into their operating model. The discipline of project management is also under intense need to not only deliver but to do so in a way that does not create undue negative impacts on society, the economy and the environment. This definitely requires competent hands to implement their projects.

What it entails

The course entails four standards that intertwine sustainability and project management, and are based on several international standards like the ISO: 26000, UNGC, etc

They are:

  • The P5 Standard for Sustainability in Project Management
  • PRiSM- PRojects integrating Sustainable Methods
  • Principles for Sustainable Project Management.
  • Sustainable Project Management.


To an individual:

  1. Become a certified sustainable project manager (a professional certification) with an international project management body recognized all over the world, with regional offices in the USA, Australia, Argentina, China, Europe, Middle East, and Africa.
  2. Organizations (not for profit, profit, and governmental), that want to become sustainable, are looking for qualified hands to handle their various projects.
  3. Give your CV a boost and gain more confidence
  4. Be in a stronger position to negotiate a better pay
  5. Improve your understanding of project management, sustainability in project management and align with global best practices
  6. Don’t just have any project management certificate, have one that incorporates the P5 (planet, people, profit, product, and processes)

To an organization

  1. Demonstrate leadership on the adoption and implementation of sustainable principles for projects
  2. Extend sustainable practices beyond supply chains and business operations to projects
  3. Meet the needs of the changing business landscape in advancing the sustainable development goals
  4. Signal to your clients, employees, stakeholders, and suppliers that you take the sustainable Project Principles seriously by publicly demonstrating your commitment.

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