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We help organisations discover innovative approaches, new business models, and unlikely partnerships. We recruit high human resources that turn brilliant ideas into working innovations by combining broad strategy and operations capabilities with sophisticated innovation.

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Human Centred Design

We develop creative solutions to problems by involving the human perspective in all steps of the problem-solving process. Our solutions are tailor-made to suit people’s needs, as we keep people at the heart of our processes.

We generate ideas, build prototypes, and develop innovative new solutions. Our Human-centered design process consists of three phases: the inspiration, ideation, and implementation phases.

Human Resource Consulting

The right human resource personnel in the right positions is key to the success of organisations. In addition, continuous and never-ending human resource development is key for the growth of organisations.

We source the best-fit human resources for organisations that fit organisational culture while delivering maximum value. Our approach to human resource consultancy for organisations guarantees that human resource assets are continually trained to deliver impact in roles.

Policy Advocacy

We translate business-oriented or end-result-oriented goals into achievable goals. We help our clients develop strategies and focus their efforts where they’ll be most successful. We also educate them on government processes, regulations, and potential pitfalls (like conflict-of-interest laws).

Our advocacy process consists of a wide range of activities, such as litigation, lobbying, and public education, that influence decision-makers. It can also include capacity building, forming networks, relationship building, and leadership development. We strategically position our clients as key players in developing and implementing public policy.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Our independent monitoring and evaluation services help strengthen interventions, improve performance, drive sustainability, and increase impact. We offer a comprehensive range of monitoring and evaluation services that help our clients focus on the issues that prevent efficient and effective results.

We provide utilization-focused recommendations and actionable evaluation reports supported by infographic presentations, charts, and tables. Our monitoring and evaluation plans serve as a monitoring, accountability, and learning tool. Impact Lens helps clients set measurable objectives, design realistic data collection approaches, and analyze and report data objectively and credibly.

Public-Private Engagement

We work with change agents to improve coordination and collaboration between the public and private sectors and build strategic partnerships for our clients. We do this by building relationships between both sectors, supporting the private sector, and creating collaborative learning platforms and innovation communities.

Strategy Development

Are you in need of strategies to achieve longevity and success? Talk to us! Our strategies help clients avoid time wasting and capital squandering. We devise effective strategies to improve clients’ ability to evolve and compete successfully. Our strategies are laced with creativity, candid insights, unbiased advice and the expertise of our professionals.

We collaborate with our clients to define, prioritize and plan how to achieve company-wide, business unit and individual goals. We quickly and effectively foresee highly profitable opportunities where others see none, identify and mitigate risks in ways that enhance client companies’ value, transform chaos into calm, and close deals that others couldn’t.

Investment Advisory

We assist diverse range of investors, fund managers and supporting actors by making investment recommendations or conducting investment security analysis. Our methodology and advanced analytics are essential to making the right decisions. From one-off transaction advisory, to ongoing impact investment advisory, to fund structuring to eco-system and knowledge building, Impact Lens offers industry-leading techniques in investment advisory practices and services.

We assist clients in optimizing risk analytics and funds management and also help them to develop focused investment strategies to deploy their capital with impact. We help clients implement disciplined investment strategies by encouraging an unbiased approach to finances.

Program Implementation

Our well-implemented programs fit the needs of their target population and are positioned to achieve the desired outcomes. We provide complete program design and implementation services for a variety of clients in different sectors. Our program implementation methodology begins with strong program planning, which includes conducting needs assessments and building staff capacity.

We develop implementation approaches and monitoring strategies before program services begin. We ensure cost-effectiveness, high performance, and innovation in our programs. Recognizing that each client has unique circumstances, we customize program planning and implementation to suit each client’s needs while maintaining best practices in program design.

Corporate Communications

At ParallelPoint Consult, we help clients organize and deliver the right combination of messaging to reach their target market. We provide services that are keen on delivering sound messaging and are consistent with the brand and company strategy. We support our clients in developing, deploying, and managing all internal and external communications to create a strong brand identity and maintain brand equity.

As part of our expertise, we develop and execute media relations, monitor and manage media coverage, gather intelligence, and regularly evaluate media. Promoting our client’s mission, vision, and corporate actions through a mix of below-the-line marketing and advertising communication is at the core of corporate communication services.

CSR Management

With our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) services, we help companies positively impact the environment, consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders, and public members through well-planned and well-implemented activities and projects. We help organizations incorporate CSR in their overall management. We offer a wide range of CSR services, including Environmental Audits / Assessments, Social Audits / Social Compliance, and Security Audits / Assessments. We also offer CSR Report Assurance.

Social Market Research and Insights

With our social market research and impact expertise, we provide practical, creative, and impactful solutions relevant today and feasible for the future. Using data points, we closely connect the consumer with the brand to drive organizational growth. We create market strategies, field surveys, and provide audience insights and identify specific opportunities to grow brands by taking a holistic view of the industry.

Based on our experience in data analysis, media research, and consumer insight, we aim to make our clients’ businesses more profitable and efficient. We focus on providing actionable insights for online and offline marketing.

Our team comprises experts and professionals focused on helping our clients understand their consumer insights and translating those insights into effective action to drive market growth.

Implementation Research

With our implementation research services, we deliver evidence-based interventions, programs, and policies in real-world settings so their benefits can be realized and sustained.

We build upon the effectiveness of research and use specific implementation strategies to move those interventions into specific settings, extending their availability, reach, and benefits to clients and communities. We translate research, define key terms, and study implementation outcomes and effective implementation strategies. We focus on variable measurement, research design, and stakeholder engagement.

    We provide advisory and training to corporate organizations to strengthen their existing sustainability strategies as well as reposition them to contend with their global peers.

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